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Serpens - Science Journal

The Serpens represent a snake held by the healer Asclepius in  Greek mythology, who was said to bring  the deceased back to life with the power of the snake. It is a symbol of both continual revival  and the questions of life, death, health and sickness that are as old  as humankind itself.

Some of the greatest questions about our existence, lifestyles and the future of humanity are led by scientific concepts, theories, and practices. In this section, read about medicine, physics, biology, artificial intelligence and anything that our world’s scientists and researchers have worked on or are working on.

Edition VIII. Conflict and Context 

January 10 , 2024


Fermenting Futures

Hannah Kloft

With over 250 million hectoliters of wine produced globally in 2022, wineries all over the world open their cellar doors to interns each fall to lend a necessary hand to the whirlwind of winemaking (Broadbent). From the misty Californian Russian River Valley to China’s mountain-lined Shandong region, temporary harvest interns come and go as swiftly as the grapes on the vines...READ MORE

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Szilvia Király (she/her)


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