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Serpens - Science Journal

The Serpens represent a snake held by the healer Asclepius in  Greek mythology, who was said to bring  the deceased back to life with the power of the snake. It is a symbol of both continual revival  and the questions of life, death, health and sickness that are as old  as humankind itself.

Some of the greatest questions about our existence, lifestyles and the future of humanity are led by scientific concepts, theories, and practices. In this section, read about medicine, physics, biology, artificial intelligence and anything that our world’s scientists and researchers have worked on or are working on.

Edition IX. Transitions and Resolutions 

April 10, 2024

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Art Objects on the Move

Sabrina Harverson

What can we learn from Claude Monet’s Argenteuil basin with a Single Sailboat? A work extensively conserved in 2014 for 18 months by Ireland’s National Gallery. What do we see when we look at it? I am talking about the medium, the oil paint which creates the whole nautical scene...READ MORE

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Szilvia Király (she/her)


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