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Serpens - Science Journal

The Serpens represent a snake held by the healer Asclepius in  Greek mythology, who was said to bring  the deceased back to life with the power of the snake. It is a symbol of both continual revival  and the questions of life, death, health and sickness that are as old  as humankind itself.

Some of the greatest questions about our existence, lifestyles and the future of humanity are led by scientific concepts, theories, and practices. In this section, read about medicine, physics, biology, artificial intelligence and anything that our world’s scientists and researchers have worked on or are working on.

Edition V. Growth and Power

January 11, 2023

Fungi: Friend or Foe?

Sabrina Harverson

There was a certain type of growth occurring in a top floor attic classroom in a South London primary school. A white mug with old coffee sat on our teacher’s dark wooden desk at the front of the classroom, amid chaotic towers of books and paperwork. Inconspicuous and seemingly insignificant, it had been sitting there for at least a week. My teacher had decided it would be “exciting” to see what grew from the stale beverage....READ MORE

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Origins and Birth

January 12, 2022

Herbal Medicine: How effective is it?

Lillian Clark

In this article, Lillian explores the origins of herbal medicine and its influence on our world today. Although heavily relied on in most developing countries, herbal medicine has been taken over by modern medicine in Western societies for a variety of reasons. There is however, an increasing number of people who turn to these natural, yet sometimes harmful, remedies...READ MORE

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Szilvia Király (she/her)


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