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According to Ovid, this constellation is associated with Chiron, the  king of centaurs, who mentored many Greek heroes and in the skies served to guide sailors. In our universe, it represents the Social  Commentary Section, as these articles guide us through and intend to make sense of the unprecedented times we live in. 

This section is a gently determined, non-violent, yet critical place, where our writers explore political, governmental and historical questions pertaining to our everyday lives, our past, our present and our futures, colliding in the hands of the decision makers of today. We do not accept hate speech, but are open to create a discourse between opposing ideas, to spark fascinating and change making conversation.

October 12, 2022

Edition IV. Fate and Choices


The Masters of our Fate: Does the Male Gaze choose for us?

Zsófi Lazar

“You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman. You are your own voyeur.” The pertinence of Margaret Atwood’s words, for most women, is undeniable. The “male gaze” is a term, first introduced by the English art critic John Berger in Ways of Seeing in 1972 as part of his analysis of the treatment of women as objects in advertising and nudes in European painting...READ MORE

The Fault in our Charts

Hannah Kloft

The moment I opened Seventeen magazine as an impressionable, acne-riddled 13-year-old and discovered I was a “Leo”, I was as ravenous as a lion for a sense of self. There, written on the glossy pages and similarly aligned in the stars, was my fate! I was in the extroverted, confident, life-of-the-party main-character category, apparently....READ MORE

Justice and the Magician: the last generation of morality and fear. 

Alitza Nichole Cardona

This story is not about love, but about loving oneself remotely and holistically through detachment and observation. As I am writing, memories are weaved into a poem. Aware that our minds are taught to recognise the sensation of living, through the metaphors built as a consequence of seeing, I attempt to deliver a written image, drafted from the spaces of interpretation....READ MORE

Summer Romances in the Age of Dating Apps:

How sweet desires are tarnished by the masses

Gábor A. Papp

If there is one sort of marathon we have all tried to run, it is the marathon for a summer romance  which is not surprising. The notion of it became part of our collective, and in some sense even a part of our yearly goals. So we all recognise it as a staple of our lives, but I wonder, who is to blame for that? Not that it is a bad thing-- after all, we are creatures with certain social, physical and above all, emotional needs....READ MORE

Paper fates: How the passports we hold affect our movements, migrations and lives.

Elizabeth Rose

At the Serbian-Bulgarian border, a woman is taken to the side. We catch only fragments of conversation, and we do not speak Bulgarian. The woman cries as her passport is taken away for further inspection. The 2am friendly chatter of strangers, travelling together by coach, falls silent. We all wait. Minutes pass before her passport is returned and she is “welcomed” to Bulgaria...READ MORE

Are You Still Afraid of the Dark?

Ysabel Cacho

There comes a time when we’re meant to outgrow the childish fear of the dark (or at least make it through one episode of the Nickelodeon show Are You Afraid of the Dark.) Only our overactive imagination creates monsters out of the shadows until the flick of a light switch reveals something else entirely harmless...READ MORE

To Live or Die, Today: 

A Radical Inquiry into Human Existence

Emma Gabor

This essay is an attempt at understanding human existence; it contains triggers and delicate subjects. You are therefore cautioned to read at your own responsibility. This article’s purpose is intellectual growth. It by no means wills to upset; rather, to prudently provoke the reader for purposes of self-reflection. Indeed, from time to time, throughout the article, I will attempt to break the fourth wall, turning towards the reader through great, existential questions....READ MORE


A landscape of female nature and other places (your heart may take you)

Alitza Nichole Cardona

I am writing as if I am talking to you my great granddaughter whom I don't know yet, and may yet never get the chance to know. I tell you, if our eyes could see harmonies of sentiments, there would be a landscape composed of places of quiet and great symphonies...READ MORE

What Nature and Water Can Teach Us in a Post-COVID-19 Era

Sali Said

It was a bright spring day in a post-Covid-19 Budapest. I was heading for grocery shopping and as I was walking, I unexpectedly smelled the salty scent of the sea. I stopped to take a moment and found myself struggling to keep myself from crying in public. My eyes were covered in tears...READ MORE

Edition III. Waves and Paths

July 13, 2022

Summer is nothing but a day

Anja Radonjic

In loving memory, I dally 

On this day, a year ago

On this day, know that I reached for

The night sky, and shadows in hidden alleys.

I forgo the mundane, so that sweet summer

Comes for us again. Still it’s winter, submerged

in the past, thin thread between life and death...READ MORE

“In an inaccessible city, my disability becomes the centre of everything” : a conversation with Ena Kapetanovic, social tech entrepreneur and founder of WeMapp, a navigation app for people with a mobility disability

Anja Radonjic

“What are your plans now?” Ena’s cheerful voice disrupts the silence, “I want to take you to the  Blind Tiger, they have the best cocktails in Sarajevo.” The three o’clock sun was threatening to take the last bits of basswood tree shade in front of the Historical Museum...READ MORE

Me too on trial? Depp v. Heard and the limitations of the movement.

Liliana Alloueche

It is hard to forget the day that Donald Trump officially became the 45th President of the United States of America. In that moment, all hope for social change towards better racial and gender equality appeared to be lost. No one foresaw that, in fact, 2017 would mark the beginning of a wave of social change to fight against all manner of sexual abuse against women


Hope, you Wicked, Nasty Siren: After The Unbearable Lightness of Being, the Inevitable Waves of Change

Emma Gabor

Writing is cathartic, words are generous. I created this piece in a moment in time when reality was subdued by pleasant illusions, conveying only what I wanted to see, what I wished to hear. What I felt was the product of a canny mind, one prone to deception. Today, this reality appears awfully different...READ MORE

Where do we go from here? Never go back, where you came from!

Sunset Gunther

Once a wise person is enlightened, or awakened to reality, they can never go back…


Enlightenment is something you can’t unlearn once you have acquired it, similar to how you can’t repair a broken mirror...READ MORE

April 13, 2022

Edition II. Networks and Labyrinths


It’s a pleasure to be here: tumultuous twenties and the waning belief in the promise of “our bright future”

Anja Radonjic

My father was always the one who drove me around, even after I got my driver’s license. Even when he no longer had the strength to do so. During a late August drive, as we began one of our last...READ MORE

NATO and the struggle for democracy

Zsófi Lázár

Truman’s past dreams for NATO fade into impossibility in face of the shelling in Mariupol. The Ukraine conflict and the subsequent invasion has been an education in indecision as Russian aggression has undermined NATO values like democracy, the rule of law and emphasis on human rights...READ MORE

Here comes the sun: A Guiding Light for Our Inner Labyrinth

Regi Rózsahegyi

Spring is knocking at the door. However, storms and the cold wind keep returning, the coldness overwhelms, and our world seems to be hanging by a thread. Everything feels unpredictable, both the world and our own private worlds seem to be very fragile. It’s especially cold in the attic of this little wooden house...READ MORE

Social transitions: Going back to “home”

Alitza Nichole Cardona

Spaces of silence resemble the shadows and contrasts between objects. The differences between objects are almost always understood through the necessary pauses one may take to appreciate them...READ MORE

Revenge or self-defence? Considering the role of gender in the legal application of these arguments, and the urgency of their review in instances of domestic abuse.

Liliana Alloueche

In 2009 and 2012, two widely reported domestic abuse cases shook the French and international public spheres - those of Alexandra Lange and Jaqueline Sauvage. Both their husbands subjugated them and their children to decades of domestic and sexual abuses...READ MORE


Unpacking Lessons from

the Balikbayan Box

Ysabel Cacho

Last summer, I moved three times to three different cities located on three different continents. New York, Manila, and Barcelona. There's a lot of emotional and physical baggage to unpack (or repack) there. Frankly, I'm still not overly fond of seeing a suitcase or a moving box, although I'm slowly learning to get over this...READ MORE

Hope for Peace

Sunset Gunther

I met a giantess, while walking past the deserted Red Square. She sat there holding up a sign that said "No to War" in Russian. I asked what her name was, but she didn’t answer, maybe because her mouth was sealed.....  READ MORE

For better or worse everything is connected: An argument for the importance of networks to staying informed, optimistic, and inspired to agitate for a brighter future

Elizabeth Rose

Misogyny, gender normativity, homophobia, (institutionalised) racism, fatphobia. The fast fashion industry, education, policing, social welfare, fossil fuel usage. Ableism, healthcare, xenophobia, destruction of biodiversity, food supply, forced migration and Climate Change: everything is connected...READ MORE

January 12, 2022

Edition I. Origins and Birth


 Where am "I" in identity?

Anja Radonjic

Unsettled by her recent move to Vienna, Anja explores the subtle internal changes in her young adult life. The article is a reflection on her university days in London, and a search for a better understanding of self...


Being Conscious in the Metaverse

Sunset Gunther

Today, the metaverse is deeply intertwined with our real world and plays a defining role in our culture. For now, we humans are the actors of this transcendental play, but for how long? When our interference becomes unnecessary, what would it feel like replacing the ghost in the machine experience? In this article, Sunset Gunther explores these questions and many more...READ MORE

Can you change the opinion

of the masses in one night?

Barbara Ning Balint

In this article, Barbara aims to develop an understanding of the main driving and shaping factors behind public opinion. The case of the 1995 Quebec referendum and the 'bacon-gate' incident shows the fluid nature of public opinion and it threw light on how people's decisions can be changed through emotional manipulation...READ MORE

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Social Commentary Journal Authors

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