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Centaurus - Social Commentary Journal

According to Ovid, this constellation is associated with Chiron, the  king of centaurs, who mentored many Greek heroes and in the skies served to guide sailors. In our universe, it represents the Social  Commentary Section, as these articles guide us through and intend to make sense of the unprecedented times we live in. 

This section is a gently determined, non-violent, yet critical place, where our writers explore political, governmental and historical questions pertaining to our everyday lives, our past, our present and our futures, colliding in the hands of the decision makers of today. We do not accept hate speech, but are open to create a discourse between opposing ideas, to spark fascinating and change making conversation.

Edition V. Growth and Power

January 11, 2023

David and the Dragon: Hard power and Soft Landings

Alex Bee

What, where, or why is Taiwan? Polls suggest that just a decade ago, most in the West would struggle to answer any of those questions. Yet in the last few years awareness of the dwarfed island next to China has become inescapable...READ MORE

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Trajectory of Power - the Rise and Fall of Elon Musk

Zsófi Lazar

In this world, everyone knows that money means power - and who could understand that better than Elon Musk, now the richest man in the world? The growth of Tesla and SpaceX as brands associated with visionary thinking and the future has been astronomical...READ MORE

Zsofi Lazar.jpeg

What the Midwestern states flipping Republican in 2016 tell us about the history and future of the political left

Daniel Bremer

In the 2016 United States presidential elections, Donald Trump managed to win by flipping five Midwestern states - Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania - from Democratic to Republican. ..READ MORE

Daniel Bremer_social com.jpeg

A letter to Her, with love

Anja Radonjic

Hello, stranger. I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve reached out and talked to you. You make yourself known with the occasional pain from a stiff neck and back, or eyes twitching from tiredness. “Move, move, move, idiot,” I imagine you’d say, sensing that work and the minutiae of the day come before you, my dear Body. Sorry...READ MORE

Anja Radonjić.jpg

I’m pro-choice, but what choices do I have?

Liliana Alloueche 

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade,To say that in recent months the door to debate over abortion was once again opened would not be accurate. As far as I’m concerned, it was never closed, the issue has always been up for debate – the right to abortion has never been fully secured...READ MORE

Liliana Alloueche.jpeg

Origins and Birth

January 12, 2022

Can you change the opinion

of the masses in one night?

Barbara Ning Balint

In this article, Barbara aims to develop an understanding of the main driving and shaping factors behind public opinion. The case of the 1995 Quebec referendum and the 'bacon-gate' incident shows the fluid nature of public opinion and it threw light on how people's decisions can be changed through emotional manipulation...READ MORE

_Barbara Bálint.jpg

Being Conscious in the Metaverse

Sunset Gunther

Today, the metaverse is deeply intertwined with our real world and plays a defining role in our culture. For now, we humans are the actors of this transcendental play, but for how long? When our interference becomes unnecessary, what would it feel like replacing the ghost in the machine experience? In this article, Sunset Gunther explores these questions and many more...READ MORE

Georgij Melkinov _ Sunset Gunther option 1.jpg
Anja Radonjic

Unsettled by her recent move to Vienna, Anja explores the subtle internal changes in her young adult life. The article is a reflection on her university days in London, and a search for a better understanding of self...READ MORE

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Social Commentary Journal Authors

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Anja Radonjic (she/her/hers)

Vienna, New York

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