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Centaurus - Social Commentary Journal

According to Ovid, this constellation is associated with Chiron, the  king of centaurs, who mentored many Greek heroes and in the skies served to guide sailors. In our universe, it represents the Social  Commentary Section, as these articles guide us through and intend to make sense of the unprecedented times we live in. 

This section is a gently determined, non-violent, yet critical place, where our writers explore political, governmental and historical questions pertaining to our everyday lives, our past, our present and our futures, colliding in the hands of the decision makers of today. We do not accept hate speech, but are open to create a discourse between opposing ideas, to spark fascinating and change making conversation.

Edition X. Other Voices, Other Rooms

July 10, 2024

Linda Luciani

The reason why I became a contributor to this journal is to spread the word about Degrowth (see my first and third articles). The degrowth project challenges the hegemony of economic growth and calls for a democratic downscaling of production and consumption in industrialised countries as a means to achieve social and ecological well-being for all1.…READ MORE

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Social Commentary Journal Authors

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Anja Radonjic (she/her/hers)

Vienna, New York

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