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Creative Writing & Poetry

In Greek mythology, Lyra represents the lyre of Orpheus. His music was said to be so great, that even inanimate objects could be charmed. Famous for his love for Eurydice, Orpheus inspired our choice of the lyra representing poetry (from lyric poetry) and stands for the creativity, passion and transformation our authors are bringing into this section.

Edition V. Growth and Power

January 11, 2023

Creative Writing

Without words and without plans: letting go.

Alitza Nichole Cardona

To experience the pleasure of allowing yourself to feel desired and discover the other person’s sweat while getting lost in their eyes, shouldn’t come at the price of losing yourself in a fabric of doubts. Verbs are embodied in a state of being as if the result of its interaction with the other produces a tide of emotions that clash with the insecurities that come with the uncertain...READ MORE

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Namal Siddiqui


George Tomsett


Anja Radonjić
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Alitza Nichole Cardona (she/her)

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