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Creative Writing & Poetry

In Greek mythology, Lyra represents the lyre of Orpheus. His music was said to be so great, that even inanimate objects could be charmed. Famous for his love for Eurydice, Orpheus inspired our choice of the lyra representing poetry (from lyric poetry) and stands for the creativity, passion and transformation our authors are bringing into this section.

Edition IX. Transitions and Resolutions 

April 10, 2024

Creative Writing
Luciana Pontes
Linda Luciani
Sara Whittermore - profile picture_edited.jpg

Previous Editions

VIII. Conflict and Context, 10.01.2024

VII. Flames and Storms, 12.07.2023

VI. Hopes and Memories, 12.04.2023

V. Growth and Power, 11.01.2023

IV. Fates and Choices, 12.10.2022

III. Waves and Paths, 13.07.2022

II. Networks and Labyrinths, 13.04.2022

I. Origins and Birth, 12.01.2022

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Alitza Nichole Cardona (she/her)

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