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Editors' Note

Editors' Note

Dear Reader,


Sensing the imminent disarray of our world, humanity keeps asking itself: is it destiny, or do we ourselves shape our lives? Oftentimes, it appears as though we had no choice, but also no hope in this sea of chaos, of pain. 


The very essence of our existence is questioned through this Edition’s theme: Fates and Choices. What does it mean to be human? How much control do we really have? And what about freedom?


The world appears to be getting darker, heavier. In our societies, decisions are being made against freedoms, voices, rights, against lives. We cannot help but feel sadness, even despair. And yet, the light keeps shining, even if it is dim: we are the future, and we have to fight for a better one, together. 


We wish you, as always, a great exploration of our universe: the solution is somewhere in the stars, in constellations, in the galaxy. We only need to find it. 



Emma and Dodo


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