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1 Year
Anniversary of
Journal d'Ambroisie!


We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the Journal d'Ambroisie! As our beloved readers, you can support us and the future of our journal with your donations.

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Editors' Picks

Editors' Picks

Editors' Note


Patreon Picks

Patreon’s Picks highlight the three most-liked articles of our Patreon community. Subscribe to our Patreon in order to receive exclusive pre-launch access to all Journal d’Ambroisie articles and have a say in which pieces get a special shout-out on our website in each edition by voting for your favourite(s). 

Editors' Note

This edition celebrates a milestone in the Ambroisie team’s journey that we have always dreamed of reaching. We are ONE year old! We began working together in the Autumn of 2021, and haven’t stopped since. Through ups and downs, our committee, our writers and editors have experienced so much growth!


Growth is progress, it’s process, it’s stepping stones, it’s redirection and challenge. It’s also joy, beauty and grateful moments of building something worthwhile, together.

Power is a more complicated term. Its connotation being intrinsically complex, we want our writers to explore, (re)define and create pieces through which we can comprehend the many facets of this word. We also wanted to inspire our community to find power within themselves and in what they do, to explore the empowerment that stems from growth.


We would like to sincerely thank the Ambroisie family for this year of growth. We are both people who believe in the power of the light, and we very much hope to spread it through the Journal, for you, dear readers, writers, editors, dear team. We couldn’t be here without you, and we wouldn’t want to. Onward and upward, sending you much love in the new year.


Yours truly,


Emma and Dodo


Special thanks to our patrons on Patreon for their support: Alexandru, Callie, Edina and Miri.

Editors' Note

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