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Our current job and Committee openings at the Journal d’Ambroisie. For any inquiries, get in Contact with us:

The Journal d’Ambroisie is an online publication born out of a vision to create a space for our generation where young people can explore themes most relevant to our lives and express novel, creative and diverse ideas. Through the Journal we invite the larger public to join a wider discussion, breaking down barriers of geography and aiming at reducing echo chambers. The Journal is published quarterly, each edition centering around a new, thought-provoking theme that our writers may interpret as loosely (or as closely) as they wish.

Our writers are voices of our generation - representing many, although not yet all - with a myriad of bright and distinctive ideas. Their writings are, at the same time, deeply personal and intrinsically societal; they can be enjoyed as individual works but also read in conversation with each other; they are expressions of our writers’ personal thoughts and yet equally invitations to a discussion between the author and the reader.

The Journal publishes opinion pieces in six different categories: Art, Literature and Philosophy, Science, Social Commentary, Business, and ‘Our Causes’ (which at the moment includes the Environment, Homelessness, and the LGBTQ+ Community).

The Journal d’Ambroisie is the daughter of the Salon de la Sagesse, a non-profit organisation whose aim is to bring together today’s leading youth. The two organisations’ vision and aim is exemplified through our shared motto ‘Communitas et incrementum sapientiae’, or ‘Community and Growth in Wisdom’.

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Business Editor

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Causes We Care About Editor

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Science Editor

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