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Phoenix - Literature and Philosophy Journal

The phoenix is known as the sacred fire bird across many  mythologies that during the world's creation sat on the primeval  mound. As Literature and Philosophy explores the always reviving  but ever-present ideas and questions at the centre of our very  existence, this constellation came to represent the Section dealing  with these topics. 

In this section, our writers ask and ponder over the big questions raised by the greatest thinkers of all time. Whether about the meaning of life, what the future may hold or the darkest corners of a human’s soul, this is the place where you can get lost in the maze of and vicious circles of some of the greatest inquiries of Mankind.

Edition VII. Flames and Storms

July 12 , 2023

Previous Editions

VI. Hopes and Memories, 12.04.2023

V. Growth and Power, 11.01.2023

IV. Fates and Choices, 12.10.2022

III. Waves and Paths, 13.07.2022

II. Networks and Labyrinths, 13.04.2022

I. Origins and Birth, 12.01.2022

Emma Gabor.jpg

Emma Gabor (she/her)

Maastricht, Vienna, Budapest

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