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Phoenix - Literature and Philosophy Journal

The phoenix is known as the sacred fire bird across many  mythologies that during the world's creation sat on the primeval  mound. As Literature and Philosophy explores the always reviving  but ever-present ideas and questions at the centre of our very  existence, this constellation came to represent the Section dealing  with these topics. 

In this section, our writers ask and ponder over the big questions raised by the greatest thinkers of all time. Whether about the meaning of life, what the future may hold or the darkest corners of a human’s soul, this is the place where you can get lost in the maze of and vicious circles of some of the greatest inquiries of Mankind.

Edition V. Growth and Power

January 11, 2023

The dark arts of seduction: A classical waltz with the devil

Sarah Hussain

Rise and fall, rhythmic fluidity, and a close-hold intimacy are all principles of the classical Waltz. It is a romantic dance that forces a partnership towards idealism and passion, under the influence of melodic triple-metre songs and liberating courtships. Two bodies sway in a net of tied movements, displaying acknowledgment and pledging undying submission to the music that drives them to their bittersweet joy and demise...READ MORE



Shraddha Gulati

I remember reading in school when I was young: “Matter takes space”, a concept that forms a fundamental for the way our world is built, how matter behaves and exists. But on a human and personal level, the concept of taking up space became clear to me only recently, when I was growing out of my older versions, and stepping into a fuller me...READ MORE

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The astronomical hamartia: the wisdom of immortality

Sherry Ahmed

From the garden of Eden to modern crafts, humanity has battled through time; persistent, yet insatiable for triumph. Where there is a will, there is a way, I say; though everything is just written in the stars, is it not? Quite literally too, seeing as how each constellation has its own story to tell. Example: the eighth largest in the cosmic hemisphere, Draco (the Dragon) is said to have been Ladon, guardian of the golden apples in the garden of Hesperides...READ MORE

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Origins and Birth

January 12, 2022

Emma Gabor

In this article, Emma explores the topos of the genius, its origins and the great questions it incites, through the much beloved author André Aciman. Exploring some of Aciman’s greatest works, questions about birth, existence, death and ‘factual mystery’ arise. And while these are pertinent inquiries, the reader is constantly wondering: is genius a blessing or a curse?...READ MORE

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Emma Gabor.jpg

Emma Gabor (she/her)

Maastricht, Vienna, Budapest

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