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The phoenix is known as the sacred fire bird across many  mythologies that during the world's creation sat on the primeval  mound. As Literature and Philosophy explores the always reviving  but ever-present ideas and questions at the centre of our very  existence, this constellation came to represent the Section dealing  with these topics. 

In this section, our writers ask and ponder over the big questions raised by the greatest thinkers of all time. Whether about the meaning of life, what the future may hold or the darkest corners of a human’s soul, this is the place where you can get lost in the maze of and vicious circles of some of the greatest inquiries of Mankind.


Edition IV. Fates and Choices

October 12, 2022

The Alchemical Marriage: the reunion of opposites through Goethe’s Faust

Sarah Hussain

With the sun I rise, with its descent, I die. What am I?


Dissociated, we are many things and, put together, we are one, but chaotic and disordered, because we lack synthesis.


Edition III. Waves and Paths


July 13, 2022

Sailing Through Life’s Choppy Waters: Exploring Stoicism In A Modern Context

Sabrina Harverson

Life and its trajectories are very much like the waves of the sea. It is not without the support of those around us and those who inspire us that we can navigate the waves and paths of life. There are periods of achievement and joy, which one could say are the ‘high’ points of our lives. Undoubtedly, there are times fraught with pain, fear or sadness...READ MORE

Is BookTok worth the hype? A publishing revolution from below

Zsófi Lazar

Opening TikTok has always been an assault to the senses - a menagerie of fast, colourful videos and sounds. In the Booktok community, these videos tell you what, when and how to read, with particular emphasis on highlighting fan favourite excerpts. BookTok has also recently become a force in publishing, driving the renewed success of books such as...READ MORE

Wave after wave: reflecting on the role of water in our literature, lifestyles, imagination and experience

Elizabeth Rose

I put off writing this article for a long time, afraid that there could be nothing original left to say about waves, water, or why we are drawn to it – so long contemplated, and regularly committed to literary interpretation have these concepts been....READ MORE

Edition II. Networks and Labyrinths


April 13, 2022


From X-Men to Gilmore Girls and Lord of the Flies to trees and the latest Tik Tok trend: An enquiry (see stream of semi-conscious thought) into how and why we love to recognise references.

Elizabeth Rose

“Watch YellowJackets,” my coworker tells me, “it's like Lord of the Flies meets Cheer.” Cheer sounds like Cher, ‘do you believe in life after love?’ Clueless, actually...READ MORE


Edition I. Origins and Birth

January 12, 2022


In this article, Emma explores the topos of the genius, its origins and the great questions it incites, through the much beloved author André Aciman. Exploring some of Aciman’s greatest works, questions about birth, existence, death and ‘factual mystery’ arise. And while these are pertinent inquiries, the reader is constantly wondering: is genius a blessing or a curse?...READ MORE


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