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Named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology, this constellation  symbolises our generation’s hunt for innovation that not only  advances our lives but does it in a sustainable way, building a future founded upon more compassion and in the name of community. 

Money, power and capitalism. The key concepts that drive our world today, whether towards success or towards the brink of extinction. This section is the place to be if you want to challenge some core economic concepts, where you can propose solutions, debate some of the biggest financial questions, or just explore the vast diversity of upcoming startups that are shaping our future.


Edition VIII. Conflict and Context 

January 10, 2024

Anastasiia Tkachenko

The copies in the world of art: what they did to the original paintings and their influence on the business as a whole?

I would like to begin this article by explaining why copies create conflict in the business world of art. Ultimately, the battle comes down to two sometimes contradicting values, authenticity and accessibility...READ MORE


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