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Big Dipper

Big Dipper - Art Journal

The Big Dipper is the most visible part of the Ursa Major, consisting  of seven stars. In numerology, number seven alludes to depth and.  wisdom, always (re)searching for more, a symbol for culture’s.  endless possibilities. Considered to be the ‘female bear’ of the sky, it also hints at metamorphosis,, especially because it is strongly tied to Callisto, a nymph, and Zeus’ lover. In fact, Callisto is turned into a bear by Hera, symbolic of art and artistic creation.

In this section, our writers explore everything culture and art related. What does art reflect on a broader scale? How does it impact societal structures, beliefs and how broad can we get when speaking of artworks? This section is the place to read about interdisciplinary questions, the culmination of human creative expression and why culture may be the key to exploring and expanding (the limits of) human potential.

Edition VII. Flames and Storms

July 12, 2023

Previous Editions

VI. Hopes and Memories, 12.04.2023

V. Growth and Power, 11.01.2023

IV. Fates and Choices, 12.10.2022

III. Waves and Paths, 13.07.2022

II. Networks and Labyrinths, 13.04.2022

I. Origins and Birth, 12.01.2022

Helena Santidrián Mas - in colour.jpeg

Helena Santidrián Mas (she/her)

Milan, London, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela

Edition VII. Flames and Storms is out! Download the full PDF here

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