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Edition #10
Other Voices, Other Rooms
Luciana Pontes
Edited by Limi Kalapurackal

ode to the lyricism

you will not suffer, O my beloved

you will never suffer the pain of the vain


pierces my skin

I dived into the bedside book


will not suffer,

in the middle of the diluted

people that flow the streets

in your candid brown eyes

who am I



whose voice is this

this unique voice that sounds in my ear

whose voice is this that

hallucinates me

what is this voice

no, do not use this word

other wide spaces,

another blue immensity

I am completely

no, don’t finish that


do not be that person


I am completely in love

you play the guitar like no one else does

I dived into the bedside book

You will not suffer, O my beloved

whose unique voice is this

whose is it

this voice

do not continue

for you can not really see

what’s beyond the verse

I beg you, please

have mercy,

I'm just

another woman  

I ask you, 

have mercy, 

I'm just 

another one 

in the midst 

of so many 

one equal 

I'm just a 

simple poet 

I beg you 

forget me

I can be free

O my beloved

do not dare to bleed close to me

for I cannot handle your suffering

I can only sustain mine

do not being someone

please those who do not

love you

who only desire you

It's the ray of light

that touches me again!

these are my last verses

please everyone 

so you will live in 


you will fall into oblivion

you will not suffer, 

O my beloved

inside my heart I feel

someone else’s love


piece my skin

like never before

and let me love her 

for she is my heaven

I dived into the bedside book

O my beloved, from my heart,

adieu! and I love you

you will forever be stuck

on one poor verse

no one will ever read

                    your words

not dare to finish

the next sentence

for you do not know

what love is

do not finish this poem

do not be someone

no one will ever hear

you are alone

and will always be

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