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Edition #9
Transitions and Resolutions
Sara Whittemore
Edited by Limi Kalapurackal

Thesis statement

i haven’t seen the world 

for what it is

collapsing into grains of concrete 




plastic, glitter, lead 

i have been dancing on the precipice 

of this 




now for years. we’re writing something 

born of decay, years of cigarettes 

in dirty ashtrays, spitting down our rosy 

cheeks, splashing liquor in the




til time dilates down my face too 




eat uncooked ramen while watching 

fboy island in bed 

text a dude i think is cute but it’s probably


that drags me along

this fascist monstrosity 

our ecosystems 


lashing upon our eyelids in 

manic depression. i know things, i say 


yet each year this spiral of degrading 

decadence captures in moments 

slung adhoc against barriers 

we can’t capitulate. really, i don’t know


Anything at all 


i can’t sleep, i can’t eat, i watch from 

worlds away, torn apart under the rubble

blasting fireworks over a bayou 


i don’t know anything at all 


building soundtracks for the end times 

with some sort of terrifying glee 

i write you a letter stained with someone else’s 

sweat and spit. the worlds 

we build 






find myself crying over any drop of blood 

praying to gods i doubt exist 

burying the sun in the toilet each moment 

we continue to set the clocks forward 


furious, the white petaled daisies 

sprout from red dirt, spectroscopic filter

glared lens over perception 

we are interested in ideology 

we write films in smashed glass 


bottles, pills, the desert’s long drifting 

i watched

him watch 

as i danced 

i will always 

watch myself 

being watched 

i post on instagram 


this video of drones flying over 

while our silent screams fold 

into held hands and statements swelling 

from beyond 

what little imaginations 

we are left with 

nothing exists 

i say in the darkness of day 


everything exists 





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