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Edition #9
Transitions and Resolutions
Luciana Pontes
Edited by Limi Kalapurackal

it's all right

it's all right

I had a voice held in my chest

wandering the minds of others in search of answers


on the wall I preached such a huge lovelessness

I told them, get dressed, run away from home

go to the sun to see the sea rise

go to the horizon and never come back

unless you come back with your chest full in sorrow


come back

and if only they'd come back with caution in their hands

we are disappearing

but it's all right

one day we'll sing songs to the restless

ah, for they deserve the final triumph! the daring

                            and our youth


we shall ask heaven in common prayer

give us the peace we ask so deeply before we sleep

our blessed table, a handful of grains, a few pairs of fruits

give us

fill our hands with forgiveness 

give us the love we threw up last January

while our home was burning in flames

while we wrote desperate poems

our prayers that sounded as the funeral march

give us

what we ask and what we hide

in the depths of our shame

what we can not look at for long without drowning

what we pretend to forget in each setting sun

give us

what we still dare not to dream out of fear

fear of the infinite that permeates us, of each peaceful night and

of the monotony that ruins us and ruins us more and more

give us 

the calm that only anguish gives us

the burning skin, the living hair hovering in the wind

the paused plenitude of summer evenings

the warm summer evenings

that in every human's memory lays like a blessing 

that is smoked in the memory like a haystack before the day ends

the warm summer evenings

when we burn like the houses, like the hills, like the stars

when we burned like carnival dawns

the warm summer evenings

when we walked to the edge of the abyss for fun

because we asked freedom to give us more space

such disdain of youth

give us

the prayers we didn't say for not knowing beautiful words

the prayers we forgot to say on dark days

when it rained and the bridge fell over our heads

and the streets filled with water like our pupils

give us

some chance still in this life, my god

even if it's a little of what we don't know we want

enliven this piece of life that's left in our chests

give us

another triumphant ode to the journey

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