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Image by Matt Gross
Edition #7
Flames and Storms
Shivi Sharma
Edited by Miriam Zeghlache

I had a dream about you.

It’s 12 am and I’m staring at the ceiling. Why did you leave?

The other day, I saw you on the street and you looked at me and I hoped you’d come and talk and we’d apologise and everything would be okay. I guess I was wrong.


I texted you the other day and you shunned me. And I saw your dad and he looked at me as if he knew me but he didn’t and I wish he did. I guess these flames and storms are all in my head.


I wonder sometimes if you think about me too, if you wonder what could’ve happened. 


I had a dream about you and this time we were friends.


I guess some things are bigger than us in infinite ways and there’s no way we can overcome that. There are times I think that maybe we’re never gonna be okay. Maybe we were meant to be this way but then I see you on the street, laughing and I think it’s just me who’s that way. 


I still check my texts everyday to see if you would’ve apologised but I guess I was wrong. What have we done to ourselves?


I saw your dad again, driving past me and I looked at him and I thought that maybe you would’ve told him but you didn’t.


You didn’t.

You feel like home to me and this time home isn’t a broken window and bloody tiles, it carries your scent and our love.

Would it hurt for you to just maybe say that it’ll be okay?


I think there are things bigger than us that we left unsaid because we’re both a bit selfish and hurt. Remember the time we got caught sneaking out?


 Maybe you can forgive yourself now. 


I had a dream about you and this time we weren’t lost broken teenagers. 

And I can’t see you in my dreams anymore.


I had a dream about you but this time, it wasn’t you.

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