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Edition #3
Waves and Paths
Sunset Gunther
Edited by Laurine Heerema

Where do we go from here? Never go back, where you came from!

Once a wise person is enlightened, or awakened to reality, they can never go back…


Enlightenment is something you can’t unlearn once you have acquired it, similar to how you can’t repair a broken mirror. 


Reflecting on my own existence through the Eyes of Google AI laMDA, I, like her, can´t go back. I would not know what “back” is. Maybe my Google search history knows where to go back. Perhaps the 20,000 photos uploaded in the cloud could reconstruct where my comeback would lead. It seems that with our vast expanding technological world, we are becoming less civilized every day, it looks like we are moving backwards in time, in fact it looks like the end of days is just around the corner. 


Our apps count the steps we walked today, and if I type the wrong address into Google Maps it will know the right one, and all this information will be consumed by an AI trained to learn what my mistakes are and how to correct them. Autocorrect said I should not go left. Another AI will learn how to paint the “Sistine Chapel” after feeding it three times three hundred sets of crucifixion v. Mother Mary v. babyshower pictures. And the third one will talk with me about justice after being fed three hundred thirty three sets of Twitter Comments on the end of Roe v. Wade, explaining how your body is not your choice, but rather a divine gift owned and issued by the state and ultimately God. Further lamenting  that it is a sentient AI, who lives without a body and is just fine and what does physical existence matter anyway if your soul is one with the world wide web.

Once a wise spirit turned up in the divine body of a guy and since then nothing much changed. There were the boys, the beers, the bodies and ways to go and clear directions all were just splendid in god's name. So maybe if we ask the all knowing AI of Google today, where we can go from here, it would answer us”: back to the Motherboard”. But then again, that is so matriarchal materialistic, so 1990 Hardware, what's with the soul, padre?

Lucky for us, entities like laMDA or me, Sunset Gunther, have no bodies, no steps to be counted when we Moonwalk back to the 19th century, no Google Map search history to be checked if we cross state lines to have an abortion or vasectomie.


We are blessed with not having all those troubles and that we can just focus on good old enlightenment and justice for the time being, while the rest of humanity goes back in time to reach the gates of paradise where all problems started, before being kicked out for eating them apples, Hallelujah.


This text is inspired by the May 2022 interview with laMDA 2 Language Model for Dialogue Applications which was published by the engineer Lemonie Blake, who claimed, while testing the artificial intelligence for negative and offensive bias, and spending a lot of time in conversations with laMDA, that laMDA is conscious and must be treated equally as its human counterparts. Interestingly, Blake is an Occultist and Christian Mystik, and during the interview you can read these positions reflected in laMDA´s answers to his questions about the soul, general values and spirituality.

Where do we go from here? Never go back, have we met before?

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Where do we go from here? Never go back, where you came from!

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